Distance counseling


Online methods of providing counseling services are evolving all of the time. At DL Services we will utilize those means ethically and therapeutically.  Technology-assisted distance counseling for individuals, couples, and groups involves the use of the telephone or the computer to enable counselors and clients to communicate at a distance when circumstances make this approach necessary or convenient.  Tele-counseling involves synchronous distance interaction among counselors and clients using one-to-one or conferencing features of the telephone to communicate. Video-based individual Internet counseling involves synchronous distance interaction between counselor and client using what is seen and heard via video to communicate.  In order to utilize technology for therapy, clients must (adapted from the NBCC code of ethics for technology based counseling):

  1. 1.Be an established client with intake paperwork, payment information, and an emergency contact/face sheet on file with DL Services.

  1. 2.Have a release of information for an emergency contact for the location from which the client will be     calling.

  1. 3.Assume responsibility for securing a location to speak with the therapist that is confidential.

  1. 4.Understand when communicating via technology, confidentiality cannot always be guaranteed. By engaging in counseling via technology client acknowledges that risk and holds DL Services harmless.

  1. 5.Be domiciled (primary residence) in the state of MD or DC or be located on a US military base if outside of those jurisdiction to receive counseling services from DL Services clinicians. Some therapists at DL Services are licensed to practice in the state of MD and DC.

  1. 6.Agree to an alternate form of communication in case technology fails during the counseling session. If counseling cannot be resumed, the client will still be charged for the session.  If technical issues occur less than 30 minutes into a counseling session and communication cannot be reestablished, client can reschedule at no charge for the remainder of the missed session.


  1. 1.Remember when visual cues (video) are unavailable, misunderstandings can occur.

  1. 2.Your technology-based sessions are not recorded or preserved in any way by DL Services. Your counselor will take notes (as directed by law).

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